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In Honor of Elleri Calcaryn

The Dome didn't keep records. Finding an actual monument to someone from the past was downright incredible, let alone one who turned out to have an actual connection to Cor
— A yet unpublished novel
  Near the edge of the Nayn Sector, there's an alcove tucked away in one of the smaller gardens. It contains the feet of a statue, and a small pillar declaring this to be in memory of Elleri -alcar-, with the dashes indicating letters that have worn away. The well-worn stone down the sides of the pillar detail some of her accomplishments.   Despite appearing to be a gravesite of some kind, no human remains have been uncovered nearby. People have looked enough that now there is a notice nearby stating that a thorough study has been done and there's no further need to look.    

Recent Information

    Recent discoveries show Elleri Calcaryn to have been the last known holder of the Arthenarian before it passed to Corydon Wildauer. Little is known about this woman. It is interesting that her name-bearing descendant is a man, Aleron Calcaryn, but generational switches do occasionally occur.   The wording on the pillar would suggest that the Arthenarian is intended to be a leader, and confirms that the bearers were in fact members of the Insignia Council, but we have few details as to what duties this person was intended to undertake, and absolutely no clue as to why the extended gap between Elleri and Corydon.   Well, the author knows.
She left during The Sundering. Unclear as to how much she participated in the more violent elements of the civil war. As Arthenarian it seems likely that she would have attempted to balance matters, and since she aligned with the ideology would have felt a responsibility to ensure that these people had some resources as they departed.

Document Structure


Most things in the Dome have very few external references, which can make chronicling history and correlating details difficult. This particular item proves to be nigh impossible to determine. The existence of Elleri Calcaryn and her status as Arthenarian is confirmed, and that's about it.

Historical Details


The pillar was intended as a memento of Elleri Calcaryn, for the good and ill.
Record, Public
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All sorts of lovely hints in this. I look forward to reading more of your world.

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