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The Ether is the name for the extradimensional storage space used by Tholaren Dome for excess materials and things that might otherwise need to be kept outside of the normal sphere of existence bur remain accessible, like Tourite.   Access to this space is limited, depending on which Actia or Insignia one might have. And there are, of course, segments that the average citizen can keep away from general access as well.   Drawing elements from the Ether requires access, but it also requires concentration. It's simple enough to store entire objects in the Ether, as they are, but some people are able to take raw resources, use their minds to reshape those elements, and then draw an object from the Ether fully formed. There are particular insignia for which this process is particularly intuitive, like the Paladian Detectric and the Stelature.   It is noteworthy that the Ether is very responsive and does well with intent, and not just technical knowledge. Children with no formal knowledge have been known to pull functional toys from the Ether, operating simply on instinct.   The concept of creating something from the raw materials or components and pulling that from the Ether is called drafting.


Putting something into the Ether manifests as a pale golden sheen around the object.   When mentally reaching into the Ether to pull something out, it is described as crossing some invisible border, becoming detached from oneself.

Metaphysical, Astral

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