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Chak Mbe Movement

They're a Yagupan sect that believe strongly in the cleansing power of rain. For all the storms that feature in Wulei Ranifa, there is a surprisingly limited amount of rainfall.   The primary ethnicity in the area, the Basadu, live in chasms and valleys, and so a lot of their lifestyle actually depends on not usually having to deal with massive amounts of water coming from the sky. But the Yagupa come from the north, ancestrally, and as such are used to a more lush environment. This gave rise to the Chak Mbe movement, celebrating the rainfalls as they came.   Most adherents to the practices do so in addition to other religions, as a kind of addition. There are very few monks who fully commit themselves to Chak Mbe, but they are generally viewed with respect in the general community.   This movement is characterized by a deep respect for nature and for irrigation practices that maximize effect on the soil. Their religious services take place in the rain, offering up respect to that which gives life. There are altars and gardens to be kept as a daily practice, and most will take up reading contemplations on the words of the originator of the movement.   They are solely a Yagupan movement. Some biracial Basadu will follow the practices, but it's rare for a full blooded Basadeiian to follow it. The Dheizei don't understand it much at all, but are not typically disrespectful. Their own form of harmony with the natural forces around them took a different path, so there are elements to Chak Mbe that make no sense to them, but it's not foul to them and they coexist quite easily.
Religious, Monastic Order


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