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Before them - glowing a faint blue from the hologram - sat a planet.   Stevie could see oceans of silver liquid broiling between cracks in the metallic surface. Rafael could see divisions that looked like how a Cybertronian optic was built. Chip noted that due to the level of detail on the image, the planet was smaller than Earth. Raoul gasped in awe at the colours that danced across it in the light from its star.   "It hasn't looked like that for a long time." Wheeljack sighed. "Not as bright. Not alive anymore."   Miko jumped up from her spot beside Raoul. "You mean that's...!"   Wheeljack grinned at her enthusiasm, his melancholy forgotten for the moment. "Yeah. That's Cybertron."


Cybertron is almost entirely made out of metal, with almost no organic composites in the surface of the planet. There are varied biomes, but very little variances in surface temperature due to the internal heating of the planet. Uninhabited areas of Cybertron tend to mimic Earthen barren plains but with metal or silica dust. There are few wild 'forests' of metallic flora on Cybertron.   Cities often reach further into the core of the planet, and sprawl upwards as of late instead of outwards. A lot of industry or work-based buildings are located further underground, leaving areas closer to the surface to be for habitation. New housing tends to be built upwards. The oldest known senate-sanctioned housing is located no more than three layers down in the planets residential surface.   The day/night cycle of pre-war Cybertron is a lot longer due to the relative size of the planet. One complete day/night cycle on Cybertron is 83 earthen hours, with the night lasting longer than the day cycle. [Roughly 35 hours for a day cycle, and 48 for a night cycle]   Due to the civil war of the planet, and the resulting reformatting of the surface, the day cycle was lengthened, and the night cycle shortened. [41 hours for a day cycle, 42 for a night cycle.]   Bodies of liquid do exist on Cybertron, however they are generally a liquid gallium alloy - which are often exploited for off-world electronic use - or a form of oil which is consumable by Cybertronians (and fairly nutritious in the short term) but by all accounts tastes horrible, and is comparable to the taste of salt water for humans.

Fauna & Flora

Crystal and metallic crystal formations tend to replace organic flora. There are very few organic areas of cultivation on the planet due to the lack of organic sediment that can harbour organic growth.   Wild, non-sapient mechanical creatures are found on Cybertron, and function and grow in a similar way to Cybertronians themselves.

Natural Resources

Cybertron as a whole exports a high amount of construction metal, silica, and crystal. More localised areas have a higher concentration of exports.

Owning Organization
The Cybertronian Senate

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