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Realm Wars

When the universe was still very young, the realm of heaven, hel and the fae went to war over the resources of the mortal realm.   The Gods of Havenwere the first to discover The Mortal Realms. After a few years a demon from Hel called Zahktor The Traveler also discovered the Mortal Realm. He tore open a rift between the two dimensions and caused centuries of chaos and strife.   After the end of the Fae Civil Wars had passed the Fae from the FaeWild noticed the interest of the Demons and Gods focused entirely on this new plane. They also started making excursions into this unkown world. After a few more centuries of minor clashes the realms went to all out war with one another.   The war breakdown: The demons of hel used the portal created by Zahktor and the small rift it left in the Mortal Realm barrier to break open and form the portal in The Drop. They attacked into all directions from there but mainly focused on the plains where the gods were living.
The Fae came in from the left and right coasts.
* Story: the Fae tried to attack Yagh'Hadi but were completely destroyed
The Fae contiunued their assualt.
* Effect: They experimented with people and created hybrids like werewolves & centaurs and creature hybrids like griphon etc.
The gods faught back. First trying to keep the plains but later retreating and having the god of earth and stone create the Bullwark mountains and the god of ice and frost creating the 3 ice pillars to create the north to keep the demons out.
Osyn faught against the demons here.
The plains turned into the main battle ground for the demons and gods and slowly, after hundreds of years of battle turned into the Chanob Desert. This left a lot of magic in the earth that is captured in the rocks. This also meant the dessert is infused with hellish magics that keep it eternally hot.

The demons also attacked the rest of the country in smaller raiding groups.
* Story: The Hellstone Avengers The god of water and sea's came and infused a ton of magic in the rift sea to prevent Fae from crossing ocean.
Tolmey and Solmey??? were set up in the Beast Woods. The nature one mutated the creatures to fight and the crafting one made tons of weapons for Duchel and Gillborne. After the war these creatures stayed in the Beast Woods and made it insanely dangerous.
Tog-Gor was in the left coast, making weapons for the battles against he Fae.
Dhodon stayed in the realm of the dead.
Nagtelik went to the left coast to help fight the Fae by constantly plunging large areas of the coast into complete darkness.

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