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Fae Civil Wars

The War

For many years the Fae have lived in small tribes scattered across the FaeWild. When this changed due to more tribes beginning to merge together the leaders of these tribes began to grow ever more ambitious. They saw that with a larger force and fewer, albeit stronger, opponents there was a real opportunity for them to claim control over the entirety of the FaeWild. As such large scale battles were waged across the surface of the FaeWild. During this time countless lives were lost and many advancements in the art of warfare was made. This included numerous new powerful spells being designed and powerful artefacts crafted.  

The Conclusion of the War

The war continued for centuries with no clear winner being apparent. One fateful day a message went out to each of the tribe leaders. It requested they call a ceasefire for a single day to gather for a discussion of peace. This has been attempted between multiple tribes before but never has anyone tried to call all the tribal leaders together at once. They all marvelled at the brazen move.   With only a few exceptions all the tribes called a ceasefire for one day. Their leaders came from all across the plane to gather in the designated location. If you had asked any of them what had convinced them they would have answered that it was the idea that someone was brave or stupid enough to suggest such an idea. They were all burning with curiosity at this mystery person.   When everyone was in attendance a lone Fae man stepped onto the podium. He was not impressive by any physical measures. In fact, he looked somewhat sickly. He explained that his name was Rel and that he was born with a unique mutation that made him immune to the effects of the magic of this world. He waited for the whispering to die down as he revealed this piece of information. He then continued to tell the gathered officials of his plan. He was proposing solution to their problems: a council. This council would have a seat for each tribal leader with him, Rel, being appointed leader over the council. The council would vote on matters of import and make decisions but ultimately Rel would hold the power over the realm of the FaeWild.   After he was done explaining his plan, Rel paused. He was met with shocked silence. Then suddenly a massive cry of outrage was heard, and met with similar cries. The leaders were incredulous that someone would so boldly suggest they make him the sole king of the FaeWild. Some even started to threaten violence for his insolence.   Rel patiently waited for the majority of the yelling to die down before he continued to explain. The war that was currently being fought was to gain control of the realms core for the tribe of the victor. He had no use for the core as he was not physically able to utilise the magic it contained. He also did not possess a tribe to give this power to. Therefore, he reasoned, he was the perfect impartial candidate.   This explanation was met with more cries of anger and even some laughter. Some of the tribal leaders started to leave, grumbling about this entire event being a waste of time.   With astounding authority Rel called their attention back to him one last time. He made it clear to them that if they did not decide on a plan of mutual victory, they were choosing a path of mutual destruction. He accounted all the deaths that the war had caused and pointed out that each tribe was far poorer for their involvement in it. Rel made sure to impress the hopelessness of the current situation on the leaders. When he was done he stepped down from his podium and left.   It took about a year, and many more painful losses, for the last of the tribal leaders to agree to Rel's plan. On the last day of the war they all signed the Peace Of The Council treaty and Rel was sworn in as king of the FaeWild.

The Conflict


The Fae have always been a tribal people. Each tribe would consist of a handful of households with the oldest among them holding the postion of tribe leader. Each of these tribes believed that they held claim to the vast store of magic contained within the FaeWild's core. For millennia this has meant that small skirmishes were commonplace between the tribes.   In the years leading to the civil war, however, the tribes began to grow in size as multiple of them merged together. These mergers were usually due to either one tribe conquering the other or a tribe losing so many of its members that merging was the only option left if they did not wish to die out. With the tribes growing in size, this meant that who was assigned the role of tribe leader held more power than before. This occurrence mixed with the Fae's inherent ambitiousness meant that the battles became larger and the attacks more bold.


Nowhere in the FaeWild was safe from the destructive war. The various tribes all worked tirelessly to invent new spells and craft new destructive artefacts that they could use to gain the upper hand. This either resulted in the newly invented weapon of war failing, usually leaving a giant crater in it's wake. Or even worse, it would work and cause untold destruction on the various battlefields.
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