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The celestial plane of the Gods is said to be more brilliant than any mortal can imagine.


The plane of Haven is made up of hundreds of smaller demi-planes, all surrounded by the plane's outer barrier.  

The Demi Planes

Each of the many gods that inhabit Haven live within their own demi-plane that they have created with their own magic. Therefore each demi-plane is a perfect representation of their master. Each god is free to form the content of their demi-plane as they see fit for their own purposes.   Demi-planes behave very similarly to regular planes, except that they cannot exist outside of the confines of their host-plane. For example, like the larger planes of existence the demi-planes can only be entered if the visitor is welcomed by the resident or by using force. Also, the different demi-planes move about in the space that separate them similarly to how the larger planes slowly drift around in the great void of space.  

The Outer Barrier

The outer barrier of Haven is a rim that is several miles thick. Along it there are several keeps positioned. These keeps are garrisoned by a legion of all manner of angels and angelic beings. These beings have all been created by the gods that inhabit Haven. This ensures that all the gods contribute to the safety of the plane as well as preventing any one god from controlling the military section of Haven.
Alternative Name(s)
Realm of the Gods
Plane of Existence
Characters in Location


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