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Zahktor , The Traveler

A greater demon of Hel , Zahktor holds considerable power and respect. He primarily uses this power to enable his various plots and machinations. These usually include embarking on expiditions and quests to unexplored areas of the universe to gain even more information. He notes all of the things he learns and experiences and has assembled a vast library of knowledge in his keep. He is, however, extremely paranoid that his peers are plotting to steal his wealth of knowledge and therefore only ever allows anyone other than him to read the most mundane or outdated of his articles.   Over the years his paranoia has steadily grown and has come to the point where he no longer sees anyone else except to ask for favours or assistance.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Zahktor has spent most of his life researching and investigating the curiosities of the universe. He can regularly be found in his study, either writing about his new findings or in a Planar Peering trance as he explores the many planes of the universe.

Intellectual Characteristics

Zahktor is a brilliant scholar and explorer. He devotes his life to knowledge and obtaining new information. He is, however, incredibly paranoid and does not share his knowledge with anyone willingly.
Divine Classification
Burning red


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