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The home plane of the Fae, the FaeWild is a mysterious place filled with wonders and hazards unseen in any other part of the universe. The extreme abundance of magic has lead to the fauna and flora evolving in the most unique and interesting ways.   The most interesting of the beings to be found in the FaeWild has to be the Fae themselves. These scheming, manipulating beings are a direct result of the magical environment in which they have evolved.


The plane's exterior consists of one, continuous forest that spans the entire surface of the realm. The outer barrier of the plane consists of an interlocking network of crust pieces that range from 100 to 10000 acres in size. These crust pieces are constantly in motion, moving against each other to fit into their new location. The larger of these pieces can shape into hills and even mountains.   All of these pieces are held together by the core of the plane, a sphere of pure magical energy. This energy feeds through the crust pieces into the fauna that grows on them. When the creatures of the FaeWild consume these plants the magical energy is transferred to them.

Localized Phenomena

For the most part the weather in the FaeWild is very mundane. The only exception of this is the Fissure Storms. These occur when two segments of crust move far enough away from each other for some of the magical energy to escape past the crust layer and spew forth into the air. This usually only last a few seconds but in that time the geyser of raw magical power drastically mutates and changes the surrounding area.

Fauna & Flora

The flora and fauna of the realm are all imbued with the magical energy that feeds from the core of the realm. This has bestowed onto the various living organisms all manner of magical properties such as being able to glow or breath fire.   Many plants have also adapted to the shifting pieces of crust of the world. Many of them that grow on the seems of these sections have adapted various methods of mobility to either move with the segment or transfer between them when needed.   While not strictly fauna, the elementals of the FaeWild should be mentioned as well. They are living embodiments of nature that gain a degree of sentience when caught in a Fissure Storm. During this time any natural elements such as water, rock or plants can be imbued with the magical energies from the planets core. These resources will then group together to form a single unit that can think for itself.
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