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King Rel

King Rel is the ruler of the FaeWild. After ending the Fae Civil Wars and uniting the Fae tribes under a single rule Rel set his sight on the Mortal Realm. While most of his time is occupied with handling local affairs in the FaeWild, his true focus is on the Mortal Realms and his own dark intentions for the power the lives there.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Rel was born into a nomadic family. This meant they did not belong to any of the Fae tribes. This was because his grandfather had performed some long forgotten crime that had seen him and his family banished from their tribe. Since then his grandparents and parents had lived a solitary life in the woods of the FaeWild. They never lived in one place for long to prevent being caught in the crossfire of the war.   When Rel was born his family were camping in the area around the RainbowWater Falls. Within the first few days after his birth it was apparent he was not ordinary. He had a sickly paleness on his skin and required eating regulalry instead of the stream of magical energy that infant Fae required.   After a few years his family realised that their son had a a strange mutation, a resistance to the magic of the realm. They sought out

Accomplishments & Achievements

Triumphing where so many had failed before, Rel managed to unite the tribes of the FaeWild under a single ruler. He had convinced the leaders of the various tribes that he is the only one capable of ruling over all the tribes without taking the power of the plane's core for himself.

Intellectual Characteristics

Rel is a master diplomat. This is clear in his achievement of ending the civil war on the FaeWild.
Current Location
Year of Birth
RainbowWater Falls
Wide, dark pink
Short, bright pink
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale grey
Ruled Locations


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