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Golden arowana

The mangrove forests that line the coasts of Dirhun are home to many fascinating species of fish, but none are as dazzling or sought after as the golden arowana. Growing almost as large as an adult balaceti and nearly as powerful a swimmer, the golden arowana is a dominant but rare member of its environment. They hold an important role in the folklore of the cultures that live near the mangrove forests - the balaceti, merfolk, and humans - and are universally held as a portent of good fortune.   For the humans of Dirhun, the arowana is associated with family and childbirth. Expectant mothers who see a golden arowana early in their pregnancy are thought to have their child blessed by nature, and the child will have a healthy birth and will grow strong. The balaceti on the other hand interpret an arowana sighting as a blessing to their fishers, as the golden arowana tends to only be seen during times of plenty. Merfolk warriors who venture shallow enough to see an arowana take it as a sign of favor from their god, the primordial serpent. Because the arowana's and the merfolk's preferred depths differ greatly, it is seen as a test of strength for a merfolk warrior to search out an arowana.   The golden arowana is certainly a rare species, but it is not thought to be critically endangered. Arowanas are sometimes accidental bycatch by human fishers in Dirhun, but several measures are in place in fishing practices to minimize this. In the natural reserve of the Sauhul archipelago, however, the arowana, along with all other species there, is protected and monitored by orca ecologists. The arowana thrives there, even with the landscape manipulations from the ecologists. And perhaps the greatest testament to the arowana's resilience is their presence in the rivers of New Sirulis. They appear to have been one of the first Tesheli wildlife species to attempt to colonize the continent, and even in the face of predation from Sirulan wildlife, the golden arowana is thriving there.

Basic Information


The golden arowana is much larger than other species of arowana, reaching almost double the length of the silver arowana. Their long stocky body allows them to swim quickly and powerfully near the surface of the water, and even to jump staggeringly high out of the river.

Genetics and Reproduction

Unlike many fish, the golden arowana takes very good care of its young. Hatchlings stay with their parents until they are fully developed into their adult form, and only then do they journey out on their own. The strong family structure of the arowana lends to its reputation as a portent of good luck for expectant mothers.

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Found in the rivers of Dirhun and New Sirulis, with an introduced population in Sauhul
75 years
Conservation Status
Endangered due to human activity in Dirhun and overpredation in New Sirulis; protected in Sauhul
Average Length
4 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Shiny golden scales


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