Heavens Fortress Odyrissos

The Heavens Fortress Odyrissos is an airship, powered by Zitari-technology, from the fourth age that survived the unknown apocalypse that befell them. Its exact location is unclear, but is believed to be in a pocket dimension known as the Odyrissos dimension. Unlike the other ruins of the past, the sky ship is not in any kind of hibernation, but rather seems to be fully active.

Outer Hull

The outer hull of the Heavens Fortress resembles a mixture of a tadpole with a voluptuous ship's belly, reminiscent of the structure of a whale. Since the entirety of the ship has not yet been studied, only rough estimates of the number of stories and the corresponding depth of the belly can be made. According to these estimates, the sky fortress comprises nine floors, each with a height of about four meters, as well as the huge open upper deck. The hull of the ship, as well as the floor of the uppermost deck, seem to be made of a flexible, light brown wood, whose hardness is comparable to that of various metals. So far, no clear examination of the material has been possible, but it is believed to be an ordinary wood whose integrity has been strengthened by the use of life energy.


The Heavens Fortress Odyrissos is believed to be found in a pocket dimension, and has probably not been removed from there since the apocalypse that wiped out the Lost Ones. This pocket dimension consists of an eternal storm, whose glaring lightning illuminates an endless cloud-covered night sky. Within this storm, the Odyrissos drifts seemingly aimlessly, while a blue shield of energy keeps lightning from striking, trickling down its surface like raindrops. The dimension of Odyrissos can only be entered through a series of magical objects known as Festenkeys. Presumably twelve of these keys exist, with nine in the hands of representatives of the small scale.


Formerly, the Heavens Fortress was probably run by the Lost Ones themselves, but after they were wiped out, the Grey Ghosts took over the ship. How extensive their function was before the demise of their masters is unclear, but nowadays they seem to direct every single aspect, from cleaning to steering the ship to maintenance. Since only the upper deck and the top deck of the ship's belly have been accessed by humans so far, only rough estimates of crew numbers can be made. On these two decks, however, there are usually close to 400 gray ghosts. Thus, the crew of the entire ship could easily be 2000 gray spirits, which would make the Heavens Fortress the by far best guarded ruin of the Fourth Age.


The Festenkeys are at least nine objects, of unknown form, that are kept by the representatives of the small scale. They all have the basic function of teleporting the user to one of the landing platforms on the top deck of the ship's belly. However, at least four of the keys must be activated at the same time. If too few keys are activated, they will merely vibrate for a few seconds before deactivating. How exactly the keys fell into the hands of the organizations is unclear, but Tasmeran also received a key after it was granted the rank of country significantly later.

Upper Deck

  The upper deck of the sky fortress was allowed to be entered by the small scale and includes a number of smaller areas that serve various functions.

The Steering Wheel: The steering wheel is found at the rear of the ship on a raised platform that can be reached by two ladders. Besides the surprisingly small wheel, there is nothing else on this platform.

Bigger¬†Crow's Nest: The bigger Crow's Nest includes a mast with a height of about 20 meters, on top of which a wide circular platform can be found. The members of the scales have so far been denied ascent by the gray ghosts. On the top, however, a crystal-like outgrowth can be seen, from which seems to emanate the formidable protective shield that surrounds the entire ship.  

The Fields: The fields are three rows of crop fields set into the ground that appear to be self-watering, presumably based on energy or some unknown type of technology. Adjacent to the fields is a small grove of fruit trees that have been raised in individual clay trays, yielding seemingly endless amounts of fruit.

The Nameless Town: Following the fields is a little town that provides living space for about 300 people. When the scales meet, the dwellings act as residences for their representatives, where the gray ghosts provide them with food and cleaned sleeping places. Smaller stone paths are set into the wood of the ship and connect the dwellings. Another crow's nest is found at the front end of the ship.

The little Crow's Nest: The smaller crow's nest measures only about ten meters in height and appears to have functioned as an actual crow's nest. Its entry is permitted to members of the scales.

Figurehead: The figurehead shows the head of a red dragon. This is not an object made of wood, but the real, preserved head of a red dragon.

Himmelsfeste Odyrissos

Uppermost lower deck

The first lower deck acts as a landing point for all those using the Festenkeys. It is also where the meetings of the small scale take place. Its appearance suggests that it formerly served as a meeting room for the crew and as a church.

Parlours: The parlours consist of two seating areas, separated by red curtains, with magnificent red sofas and elegant decorations. This is where presidents of the society of the past probably met in private. Nowadays, the salons do not fulfill any fixed role, but are kept in good condition by the gray ghosts.

The Great Hall: The Great Hall consists of four enormous bronze statues of unknown persons, probably former rulers of the Lost Ones, who may have been involved in the construction of the fortress.

The Nave: The nave of the Heavens Fortress includes several rows of pews, as well as a massive altar at the front flanked by marble statues. This is probably where resolutions were proclaimed that were passed in the meeting room.

Meeting Room: The Meeting Room consists of twelve landing points for the Festenkeys, which surround a square table. This is where the meetings of the small scale take place.

Lower Decks

Very little is known about the layout of the lower decks. Only individual glances by the occasional guests could provide the slightest insight. The floor as of these floors appears to be metallic or at least stone. Likewise, extreme energetic frequencies can be perceived, suggesting the Zitari generator somewhere on the lower floors. Occasionally, animalistic sounds can be heard from below, probably cultured and kept by the gray ghosts. Storage rooms, kitchens, dormitories and weapons must probably also be suspected here.   Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Power Generation

The Heavens Fortress uses Zitari technology for every aspect of its workings, including the drive, weapons and defensive mechanisms like the ginormous shield spanning its entire surface. It's unknown on which deck the Zitari ruin core can be found, but is estimated within the most central part of the ship.


the four giant mills on the side of the ship seemingly don't use any form of wind or air for means of updraft. Rather it seems to be covered with some form of alloy that allows the mills to propell themselves through different forms of energy. Since the heavens fortress is the only known form of airship build by the Lost Ones it is unknown if this form of drive was usually used by them.

Weapons & Armament

There is not much known about the weaponry of the Odyrissos. Looking over the railing on the upperdeck one can see up to 200 hatches per side of varying sizes. Additionally to the grey ghosts that serve as a mobile army it can be estimated that other typical Zitary weapons are found on board, including bombs and ammunition. According to the small scale the weapons on the fortress would be enough to eradicate one of the six big nations in the span of a single day.

Armor and defense

In addition to the enhanced wood that already seems to protect most of the ship, its entirety is also covered by the protective shield, which can even withstand the blasts of the raging storm around without the tiniest of scratches. Even the simple wooden floor seems to be of equal hardness und withstandability as the most modern armour.
ca. 150m
ca. 350m
50m - 60m
unknown but most likely way lower than one would expect
Complement / Crew
ca. 2000 grey ghosts
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
ca. 20.000 person


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