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A world sculpted by the Gods, now lost or dead in the aftermath of a celestial war, the Twilight Cataclysm. This world has no one to look over it. No one to guide it to and from the right and wrong decisions. No one to save it from the power of the Golden King.
Three Eras on from when the races of Terralba unshackled themselves from the Gods and formed their own civilisations and histories, the continent of Elgerlia is ruled over by a single throne. The Great Western Empire has united the peoples of Elgerlor, Mylrondia, Skìrah and the Faar Isles for the first time since the magical despotic dominion of the now almost mythic Golden King of the Second Era. This Empire is not alone in the world however.
To the east is the so-called Untamed Lands, a collection of sub-continents and regions home to uncivilised pagan tribes and raiders that pillage the Empire's borders, along with dangerous threats of an undead army led by the Golden King's lieutenant himself. Over the Southern Sea are the lands of Susros. While the scattered peoples of the deserts are not relatively influential and their savagery is no concern to the courts of the Emperor, hugging the northern exotic coastline is the Holy Empire of Myconthren. Rich from trade, piracy and uncanny opportunism, the people of the united Myco and Thren tribes have an underhanded stranglehold on the Old World of Elgerlia that have grown fond of the spices and silks provided by such a power. But even Myconthren faces opponents, some that are beginning to be of a risk to the Great Western Empire. Somewhere to the far east or south, a new threat is rising. From the Shadow Lands, unknown civilisations such as the goblin raiders of Orchalum and the Dragon Empire of Ogrinos still revere the "old ways" and beliefs of the Gods lost from the Twilight Cataclysm and seek to reinstate their rule over Terralba. They believe that the Golden King was the chosen one and first disciple of the Old Gods' return and will stop at nothing to resurrect his soul with hidden armadas on Myconthren and Elgerlia.
While the Great Western Empire has countless external threats, the bedrock of it's stability is slowly crumbling from the inside also.
Commander Simon of Krodenburg has deserted from the front line bastions of the Untamed Lands and retreated with portions of his Imperial Army into the nomadic plains of Durna. Reports suggest how he is uniting the tribes for a single purpose, to invade Elgerlia and escape what he claims is the army of undead. In Skìrah, the Clans and Great Houses supporting the House of Wolves are in open Civil-War against the Imperial House of Winter an threaten the western borders of the Empire if the rebellion is a success. The Mistlands of north Mylrondia, home to a semi-independent Kingdom of surviving Vampyres from the Golden King's reign, are undergoing a religious schism where conflicts in traditional and progressive cultures are getting dangerously close to posing a risk to Imperial regulation over such powerful magics.

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