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Gasa Edhil

Gasa Edhil is the capital of the Inherited Empire built on the ruins of an elven city of the same name. It is said that the ruins of Gasa Edhil were one of the most well-preserved and impressive examples of elven architecture in the world. Over the centuries, humans worked tirelessly to rebuild and expand Gasa Edhil. Today the city is a bustling metropolis and the heart of the Inherited Empire. It is a big centre of commerce, science and religion.

Secrets of the city

Despite centuries of exploration and rebuilding there are still areas of the city which are shrouded in mystery. Some people say that there is a network of underground tunnels which create almost a second city. There are some underground passages discovered, but there is no hard evidence of a network. Dreams of riches which could be found down there motivate many adventurers to delve deeper and deeper.


Gasa Edhil is located in the confluence of the Adan and Ithil rivers. Adan is the bigger to which Ithil joins just northeast of the city. The two rivers are important to the city. For centuries they have been sources of fresh water for the inhabitants of Gasa Edhil. They also play an important role in the city defences. Only in the south there is a dry way for enemies to get to the city walls and it is protected by strong walls.

Owning Organization


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