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Inherited Empire

The Inherited Empire is one of the most powerful countries of Terra Nova. It was created by humans who believed that humanity are inheritors of the elven civilization. Every aspect of the empire is based on the material remains that the elves left behind. Majority of the settlements are built on top of ruins of elven settlements with the most important buildings such as palaces and temples building renovated versions of elven buildings.


The Inherited Empire has one of the biggest militaries in the known world. The bulk of the imperial army are heavily armored foot soldiers who fight with swords and spears. They are supported by archers and lightly armored skirmishers. Additionally, the imperial army has knights fighting on horseback.

Battle Mages

Inherited Empire also uses battle mages in its armies. Their role is, however, more of a support one than combat. Mages are used to shield to soldiers from enemy projectiles, counter enemy mages and heal wounded soldiers. Rarely a mage could be seen using their magic to attack enemies. The reason for such use of mages is caused by the believe that using too much magic was what killed the elves. Inheritors limit the use of magic in every aspect of life.


The Inheritors reject the Church of Earth, a religion focused on the veneration of old Earth. Instead, they worship the elves as deities. Elven leaders are the most important in their pantheon, but every elf has a divine status.

Malgath the Great, guide our blows into the hearts of our enemies and let us win
— An Inheritor prayer before battle
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Founding Date
2 AA
Geopolitical, Empire
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Legislative Body
Emperor with advisors
Executive Body
Emperor with advisors
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