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Elves were a sapient species in Terra Nova that became extinct long before the arrival of the humans. By the time the humans appeared only ruins of elven cities and buildings remained. Upon finding those ruins many humans had their imaginations run wild and they saw great thing they could do. Some of them came to a conclusion that humans might be intended as the inheritors of the elven traditions and civilization. This thought is what brought about the birth of the Inherited Empire.


According to the statues and paintings found in the ruins, elves weren't very different from humans. They walked on two legs in an upright position and had two hands to hold and manipulate objects. Elves differed from humans in that they had more slender bodies, might have been slightly higher from humans and had pointy ears.


No one knows why the elves became extinct. Some say that it was a drastic change of climate, while other suggest a magical disaster. The supporters of the magical disaster theory say that elves relied too much on magic in their lives. The amount of magical objects was so great that any magical explosion had an easy time to jump spread over vast distances causing total annihilation of the elves.

120 years
Average Height
1.9 meters
Average Weight
70 - 80 kg


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