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Declaration of Unity Against the Ancients


The Declaration of Unity Against the Ancients is a historic public statement made by The Council of Lys'Anis, marking a pivotal moment in history. It was addressed to any city-states, kingdoms, and magical orders that would listen, urging them to stand united against the hidden threat from the enigmatic beings known as the Ancients.


The announcement was made at Triad Hall in the city of Lys'Anis, the headquarters of the Council.


The declaration was addressed by High Councilor Euradora Malakis, a respected leader known for her wisdom and integrity.


The Ancients, mysterious beings from Teralt's primordial past, began to manifest signs of returning influence. Their motives and intentions were unclear, but the magnitude of their power led to widespread concern.

Content of the Declaration

The Declaration of Unity Against the Ancients stated:
  • A recognition of the unknown but potentially significant threat posed by the Ancients.
  • A call for unity, cooperation, and vigilance among all peoples of Teralt.
  • A pledge to share information, resources, and magical expertise.
  • An establishment of a united front, composed of representatives from various regions, to monitor and respond to activities related to the Ancients.
  • A promise to uphold the principles of justice, wisdom, and harmony in all actions concerning this matter.


The declaration was met with widespread approval and resulted in the formation of a unified coalition. However, some factions expressed reservations, sparking debates over the nature of the threat and the appropriate response.


The declaration has since led to unprecedented collaboration and preparedness. Joint research, shared intelligence, and coordinated defenses have become the hallmark of this era of unity.


Some scholars and political leaders have questioned the Council's handling of the situation, suggesting that the declaration may have been premature or driven by hidden agendas, though they are generally dismissed, as even the great God Magic stood against the Ancients.


  The Declaration of Unity Against the Ancients serves as one of many reminders to the people of Teralt that the Ancients are real, despite the constant doubt. It stands as an example of the power of cooperation and the importance of shared values in the face of uncertainty.
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