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The Bloodrose Lady of Ravens

The Bloodrose Raven, The Lady of Death, Death, The Bloodrose Lady, The Lady of Ravens

"I stumbled back, offering a final prayer to the Lord of Thunder as the undead advanced. I had no weapons left, no food with which to wait them out if I could find somewhere to hide, and no strength to run any longer. I was cornered. They stepped into the ruins... and fell over, lifeless. I watched with wonder as the mindless creatures charged across the threshold of stone, one after another collapsing into so much rotting meat. After the final creature fell, I cried my thanks to the sky showing through the remnants of roofing.   The mass of corpses molded and bloomed into an enormous bush of roses before my startled eyes. Black as night, the flowers burst apart into a shower of feathers, a chorus of harsh cries sounding as the newly-hatched ravens flew past me to swarm the altar. When I lowered my hands from covering my eyes, it was to see a laughing human girl sitting on the stone pedestal, a few remaining ravens resting on her shoulders and arms.   'He doesn't answer often, and if he had it would have been with lightning or some other display of power,' she said, her voice sounding like any normal human's voice. 'No, sir dwarf, you managed to stumble into one of my temples. Not upkept very well, I'll admit, but I don't take my eyes off them, either. And I don't need your thanks; any chance to return a group of rotted souls to the proper cycle makes for an excellent day. Now tell me: What exactly is happening in this area?'   She fixed her gaze on me, and though her form and speech were that of a human, her eyes were of the ageless cosmos. The clouds broke enough to send a shaft of sunlight to illuminate both her and the faded relief behind the altar, of a woman sitting in exactly the same pose, thorns growing around her and ravens perching on her shoulders."  

-excerpt from the journal of a traveling priest of Homundar

Divine Domains

Death, Fate, Time, Dragons

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A black rose or rose bush (always with thorns, in either case), A raven (usually clutching a thorned rose)

Tenets of Faith

"None shall suffer undeath to exist, nor to flourish."

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Bloodrose Lady of Ravens has only one primary goal overall: the nurturing and safe journey of mature mortal souls. While she, her servitors, and her priests may involve themselves in a myriad of activities, all of their tasks serve this purpose in some way.

Divine Classification
Church of the Bloodrose Raven

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