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Zephyrean Islands

Spanning the open ocean areas over the seas east of Pax, seven floating islands live surprisingly different lifestyles that all want the same the same basic thing: total freedom.

According to an old Zephyrean proverb, "there is a very fine line between total freedom, and hung out to dry". This is, essentially, the basis for taxation and infrastructure spending that the Zephyreans have all agreed to in order to live there, amongst the clouds, safely and comfortably.


The horrific events that followed the Impact were not limited to Tellus' physical properties. Indeed it crossed planar divides, and even magical ones. Proof lies in the floating clumps of rock that never fell back to Tellus...
-Professor Emeritus Keen in the Wind

Comprised of magnetite spheroids, fused with globules of granite (and other igneous rocks), seven percent of these flying islands are comprised of some type of black, dusty substance that gathers in voids in the formerly molten rock formations. The dust seems to never stop moving, always roiling around like sandy clouds.1  

1 The professors at The Bardic College Campus used the term Gaian Nanite to describe it.
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The Tigenes
Island, Floating
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