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World Ember '23: Homework

This year, I will be taking the challenge! I usually only get to indulge in Summercamp because of family time around the holidays, but the kids are grown up and I am going to go for a 25,000+ word-count.
Dwarvenholme has been a set of bare-bones articles that have languished for an exceedingly long time, as Dwarves in Tellus are entirely uncommon. They very rarely leave their great, underground cities, except for very specific reasons. Dwarven traders and explorers are held in high regard by their peers, and undergo traditional cleansing ceremonies before they reenter their home caverns. They are unique, in that their god Moradin lives, loves, and shares meals with them in their underground paradise.   The entire place needs to be mapped out, both the geography and local neighborhoods and taverns. The Dwarven Royal Family needs a historical timeline and, the nobility needs to be fleshed out entirely. The dwarven calendar is different and needs to be created and described, and their rich history of tradition and ritual needs to be solidified in a manner that leaves room for evolving storylines as the players make their way through the world. It is a collaborative storytelling effort, so many of the "peripheral" aspects wind up being filled in during game play, which is cool and fun.   So buckle up! I have only a vague idea of where this ride is gonna end...

Update: 11/16/23 - 11/17/23
Having an issue with the "meta" aspect of the homework. I mean, I'm going to try, but I think I just can't seem to grasp precisely how to do it. Everything I start to write about it instantly evokes a "but..." in my head. But, anyway, here's Wonderwall...
  • Scope: This part of the Tellusian Epic will focus on Dwarvenholme, Dwarves and Moradin. They are (so far) just stubs, and need to be fleshed out entirely. That means maps...lots and lots of maps. Aw, shucks...
  • Themes and Mood: Well, underground. But I want to highlight the beauty inherent in a natural cavern, the patterns and striations that would give a dwarf a religious feeling of awe, like the night sky did to ancient humankind. And of how these themes would affect the mood of the ultra curiouos dwarves. They are also content, with their god living amongst them in their underground cities, and do not have a desire to expand their territory or influence.
  • Goals and Inspiration: Well the goal is to write something I'm proud of, or at least proud enough of to share with those playing in my games. But realistically, I want to flesh out Dwarvenholme to get it ready for an epic that is coming up (Our epic will consist of somewhere around 20 players and 3 GMs, all playing simultaneously and affecting each other), and to prep for a "prequel" novel I have pipe dreams of writing. Dwarvenholme has been vastly inpired by Mr. John Ronald Ruel Tolkien and his Mines of Moria, although there is a whole Lot of Margaret Weiss, and Tracey Hickman thrown in there, along with a healthy spattering of Douglas Adams (who is represented in everything I write, somehow heh).
Update: 11/24/23 Tellus' homepage is a lot like a toddler's attempt, and has been for far too long! One of the players in our campaigns gave me a professional reccomendation that I will be implementing. I am making a flow chart, and have ideas about calls to action. Litarally none of this will be changed before the new year, but I finally have a plan and actionable suggestions.
Upon reflection, World Anvil is the only place I have ever done "homework" without holding a grudge against the teacher...
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Nov 7, 2023 02:27

The entire concept of dwarves is awesome. I'm sure yours will rise to be extraordinary! Can't wait to read.

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Nov 7, 2023 08:33 by Elspeth

Good luck with the 25k word count. You've got this! Have a great WorldEmber.