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The Reformation Sermon

A fiery sermon and proclamation made by Pòsta Fòzuul on
by Harlen
12 Mayo, 5568NG, atop the Tûrguth Vox at the compound the cultists know as The Main Room. It was an hour and a halk long, performative fire and brimstone, and defined the beginning of a new era in the One True Church. An era of ramped up burnt offerings, and double the number of sacrifices than had previously been proscribed. Pòsta took the time, also, to introduce two new chapters in the Book of Gàol, which had been dictated to Pòsta's truest friend and confidante, Favvà Cannòllini.   The two new chapters have everything to do with submission to the will of the Gàol. This ultimately meant to the will and whimsy of the church's elders, and to this day the cultists are required to give up their life savings and their monogamous relationship. Indeed, men are expected to feel honoured that their wives or partners were chosen to spend a night with Pòsta, or Favvà.


To widen Pòsta Fòzuul's hold on the cultists.

Historical Details


Gàbba Gàol himself purportedly dictated two new chapters of his holy book to Favvà.


Prior to this, there had been some pushback to sharing people's wives.

Public Reaction

It was accepted wholeheartedly, as proscrobed by the cult leader.


There are inevitable bastard children all throughout the cult.
Decree, Religious
Authoring Date
10 Mayo, 5568
Ratification Date
12 Mayo, 5568
Signatories (Characters)
Signatories (Organizations)

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