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Remembrance is the Elves term for the solemn and sacred time of the year when Elvendom as a whole grieves for those lost during the Elven Purge.
  As a general rule, humans do not know about this ceremony, or what it entails, but the spirits of those slain speak from beyond the grave after a Ritual of Council. Many of those speaking talk of forgiveness, and that the humans had been the objects of cruel trickery by a dragon priestess far to the East. But there are some who resist this guidance, and speak of visiting violence back upon the humans.
  Then, there are the real conspiracy theorists, who believe that the dragon priestess is busy within the elven tribes, and even within the Seelie Court, trying to sow discontent and discord, and foment war between the elves and humans. There are always those who listen.


This ritual of concert was first begun directly after the Elven Purge.


It is entirely secret, known only to the eighteen that commune to cast the spell, and their eventual replacements.

Components and tools

Six wizards, six druids, and six clerics


Are kept utterly secret.


Held during the week leading up to the Midwinter Festivals of Pax.
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