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In the Beginning

I started this world as a thought excersize to help keep me awake on late night watches at sea, back in the 90's when I was an offshore lobsterman. It was recorded on regular spiral notebooks, and lacked any type of cohesion or form, but it was fun and kept me awake when we were steaming around at night, most of the crew sleeping in the galley while it was my turn to avoid cargo ships and tankers. This little universe of mine was a huge help even all the way back then! Fast forward a few years, and there was an oil spill off of the coast of RI. None of us could work, and long story short the gruffest, crassest crew...the type that would fit in on any fishing boat you could think of...were playing D&D with me, in Pax and Tellus, in the spare bedroom of a tiny beach cottage I was renting from yet another fisherman. So, I also have my dopey little hobby to thank for a Thing That Should Never Have Happened™.   However, the metaphysics of Tellus, and its particular frame of reference in its universe, are a favorite subject of mine when a good mull is in order, and as Tellus and her universe are more than thirty years old now, I felt a proper introduction to the following myth was both in order and respectful of the consideration due the prompt itself.


The entire universe exists to allow its creator a creative outlet to destress and decompress; meaning there is one higher in the pantheon than Ao himself. A place where Aariman and Jazerian are still involved in their endless dance as the Oroboros; it is just much uglier when seen from up close, like anything else in this universe, or any other. Who this creator is does not matter; what this creator does is not sacrosanct. It is philosophy, and interesting facts, and sad stories, that all come together to tell a massive collaboritive story that the creator could never have envisioned entirely alone. In essence;  
The creator begot a space for all of us to tell a story together.

Historical Basis

This myth is told as such in every philosphy class in Pax.


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Aug 7, 2023 02:16 by Deleyna Marr

I love that you used that time to build something that would bring joy and togetherness later. And I love how you wove your story into the world!