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005. A small mercy and lycanthropy

General Summary

Just after waking up The Legendary Beetles encountered the village elder who was surprisingly unabashed at seeing a talking head at Macca Ni's belt.   Gram Crackers attempted to cure Anwyl Auger of his Earthmurk poisoning by using Lesser Restoration. It was determined that only Greater Restoration would be sufficient for this stage of the dissease.   Gimdalf and Gram realized they have stage 1 Earthmurk poisoning.     Macca Ni tried to shoot the bound druid with a crossbow from 10 ft distance. Gimdalf bitch-slapped him with a mage hand. After 4 tries Macca Ni hit the druid square in the eye, killing him.   They hid the body underneath the pile of Anwyl's vicitms at area 14 of The Blind Burrows.   They followed Odinel Patel into the woods, finding him when he was about to start a campfire.   They encountered a Sapient Redwood and had a relatively complex conversation with the tree.   Gimdalf ate some random herbs and tripped on them, gaining rainbow vision, smelling colors and generally finding everything quite funny. (In the future, doing this will cause disadvantage on all the skill checks / attacks / saving throws, except for psionic attacks and effects, those have disadvantage on you and you have advantage against them.)   The Sapient Redwood pointed Gimdalf to the east for finding rare flowers that he seeks for a spell. He is not allowed to take the flowers, but has been granted permission to harvest their seeds.  

Items gained

  • 10 silver, 2 gold. From the camp of Odinel.
  • Ring of Human Suggestions
  • Dagger (unidentified)
  • Wooden spoon with silver rings around the handle. (unidentified)
  • Exceptionally made commoners clothes. Size: adult human.

Items identified

  • Ivory comb. (10gp)
  • Spear with feathers. Mediocre quality, not worth much.
  • Signal Flag of Clouds

Character(s) interacted with

In-game date
Report Date
04 Jul 2020
Primary Location
Secondary Location
Active party members
Macca Ni
Gram Crackers


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