The Races of Tavomia

IN AGES PAST the races lived in harmony under the guidance of the deities of the world, this golden age was ended when the world was broken during the rebirth. Now the races are scattered and have formed their own nations, some cling to the old ways most notably the Alantri and Stoneborn races, whereas others such as the humans have expanded greatly and seek to find new ways to conquer and survive within this world.


The rebirth also brought with its calamities, new races that have made a place in this world. The Tabaxi roam the deserts of Rashira and other strange folk have been encounter across the lands, talk of giant bear people who can talk, the tortoise people of Hanau, and stranger creatures yet now walk the world with the older races.


Humanity stands as the dominant race, adaptable and born explorers they have spread throughout the world and are now the most common of all the races.



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