"When the mind crumbles into madness all truths are revealed"

“You see little one the problem with madmen is that they are lost in the raging turmoil of shatter thoughts and images unable to find the way to see clearly.”   Maze finished fastening the ropes around the child’s wrists, the young boy’s face was wide eyed and pale, hypnotized by the words that he spoke.   “It is only when one possesses the strength of mind to push through these images and shadows that one gazes upon the truth of all things”   He began fastening the rope around the boy’s ankles, the altar that he was lying on was made of blank onyx, stain by eons of blood and grime.   “When one can see the truth of reality and hear the voice of the one that dwells beyond, you truly understand that everything in life is a lie”   His hands finished with the ropes and reach for the dagger that lay ready next to the child’s head, made of some strange black metal that seemed to swallow the light around it.   “For one day my lord will be free and the dream will be discarded and all that is will be revealed in his image and all will know the truths that I have seen.”   He raised that dagger up above the child’s chest its point aimed directly at the child’s heart.   “But you little one, are a lucky one for you will not see the destruction of that day, for you have been chosen to serve in a different way.”   He plunged the dagger in to the boy’s chest, no scream escaped the child’s lips instead a slither of black mist escaped, rising it began to take on a humanoid form as Maze smiled to himself.
  Although relatively unknown to the average person Maze is one of the most dangerous people with the lands, for he is the leader of the Cult of the Damned as it is often called, however unlike the previous leader he is far more focused and indeed does not appear to be a madman and is in full control of his actions, some say that he is infact so mad that he passed through the other side of madness.   No matter what his state of mind he is cold, calculated and seems to be following a planned course of action that has raised great concern amongst the members of the League of Explorers and if they are worried then reader you should be to.  

The Face of Madness

Maze is of average size and build, however the pure sense of his presence makes people feel tiny in comparrison. His skin is pale and he has no body hair that is noticable, his bone white skin is tattood with strange black symbols and patterns that seem to move when one tries to focus on them, his eyes are as black as night and his face is angular and drawn, as if not enough flesh covers it.   His eyes carry a strange alien look of concentration as if he can see through people or maybe into them. His voice is like honey and many find it hard to not be drawn in by his words, and those who have survived the encounter often say it was as if a hand had closed around them heart and soul.  

Origins of Darkness

From where Maze appeared is shouded in mists and lies, some place his birth on the streets of The City States of Nubinda, others say he appeared from out of the deserts, and some others have placed him in Wesland, and the wildest of all say he is madness manifested.   What ever his origins are, it is sure and that he has been like a storm passing through the Cult of the Damned and the world in general. He murdered all of the leaders of the cult with his own hands, which in itself is an impressive feat, he then united the rabid lunatics beneath him and since then they have been moving through the world with a definitaive pattern and now more than ever the cults activies have increase ten fold, and under his direction they have now become a powerful threat to the world.  

Visions of the True Path

Maze often states that he has passed through the madness and deciet of the dream and now see's the one true path, he claims to be the one true follower of Morgesh, The Mad God and others have mearly been deranged lunatics or people seeking power where they should not.   At the very least it would seem that he does follow a design of some kind for his actions within the world are delibrate and calculated, he seems to know many things that he should not and has insight into arts long thought lost. The League of Explorers have tried to end his life on many occassions now and yet he seems to be able to survive any attack or maybe he is protect by Morgesh himself, which is a very sobering thought indeed.  

Chaos Rising

Currently he is at large in the Isles of Mists being pursed by valiant members of the League, he is hunting something that has not been revealed by the League at this time. The last place he was known to have been was the village of Feldon and the events that unfolded there have left a lasting scar upon the community and those involved.  

Maze, Chosen of Morgesh

Medium humanoid, chaotic evil
Armor Class 24
Hit Points 726
Speed 30ft


12 +1


14 +2


18 +4


16 +3


28 +9


22 +6

Saving Throws Wis +18, Con/Cha +12, Str/Dex/Int +5
Skills Arcana +11, History +11, Persuasion +14, Intimidation +14, Perception +17
Damage Vulnerabilities Radiant
Damage Resistances Necrotic
Damage Immunities Psychic
Senses Truesight 120', Passive Perception 27
Languages All Spoken Languages
Challenge 27

Maze is a 27th level spell caster His spellcasting ability is Wisdom (spell save DC 23, Spell Attacks + 17, +82 Damage)

Cantrips (at will): Corrupting Flame, Word of Corruption, Toll the Dead, Thaumaturgy
1st level (4 slots): Bane, Corrupting Touch, Charm Person, Command
2nd level (3 slots): Hold Person, Ray of Enfeeblement, Blindness/Deafness
3rd level (3 slots): Bestow Curse, Dispel Magic, Vampiric Touch
4th level (3 slots): Blight, Confusion, Dimension Door
5th level (3 slots): Contagion, Dominate Person, Necrotic Strike
6th level (2 slots): World of Recall, Harm
7th level (2 slots): Storm of Corruption, Regenerate
8th level (1 slots): Rage of Morgesh*
9th level (1 slots): Abyssal Gate*
  *Maze will not use these spells until his second phase.

Phase Transition (Transformation): When reduced to 0 hit points, all on-going effects on maze are remove, as he transitions in to a new phase casting Fury of Morgesh first and then beginning to channel Abyssal Gate, at this point Morgesh can take no other action and is unable to move, he is however able to defend himself. This spell can not be interupted and will continue until he dies.


Melee, Staff Of The Damned: Hit: +17 Damage: 1d6 + 1 Bludgeoning, + (2d8 Psychic Damage).

Melee, Dagger of Corruption: Hit: +17 Damage: 1d4 + 1 piecing, + (2d8 Necrotic Damage).

Voice of Morgesh (Recharge: 5-6): Maze speaks with the voice of Morgesh all creatures within 60 feet take 8d6 Physic Damage, A successful Wisdom Save (DC20) reduces this damage by half.

Legendary Actions

Legendary Resistance (3/Day): If Maze fails a saving throw, it can choose to succeed instead.

Additional Information

Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Circumstances of Death
Still At Large
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
Pale White
5' 10"
Aligned Organization


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