It s said that humans were the last of the race created by Ang before the Divine War and the end of the Age of Gods, they were created to be more adaptable and able to survive the changes that would come to pass within the world. They are known as great innovators and pioneers, driven by a will to survive, achieve and expand unlike any other races and can be found all over the world.  

The Spice of Life

It is said that "Variety is the Spice of Life", if this is the case humans have it in abundance for they vary in appearance wildly unlike the other races, who have common facial features or skin colours human run the full range from pale to dark skin, blond, black, auburn and blonde hairs are all common and facial features range from soft to sharp,   Many of human characteristics are dependent upon a human's heritage but it is not uncommon for random traits to appear within children, for over a millennia has passed since the rebirth and the displacement of the races so it would not be uncommon to find a dark skinned Landoran or a blonde haired Nubindi.   The same can be said for personality whereas other races have common personality traits, humans can be quirky and varied in personalities. Some are reserved and calm others are wild and carefree, some are good and honourable, other are violent and selfish.  

A Myriad of Cultures

The human race is currently divided in to six main ethnicities, the Landoran people who dwell upon the Island of Landora, The Sholeon and Yurvonian folk who roam the lands of Ketosa, the Nubindi who's city nations sit upon the norther coast of the great deserts of Rashira, and finally the Cimmir and Escali who are situation upon the continent of Sunara.   War between the human nations is currently uncommon, though that has not always been the case, however most confrontations are settled through politics and subterfuge. This does not mean that there are not animosities and distrust between some of the races and old rivalries are not easily forgotten.  

Human Names and Ethnicity

Human names are so varied and different that it is hard to give examples, they are based upon the cultures they come from, sometimes names are borrowed from other races and at other times it can be just some random name that the child’s parent dreamt up. For more information on cultural names see the article for the culture that you have chosen for you character.

Human Traits

When creating a human character in Tavomia you may use the default human race or the Variant version from the Player's Handbook. It is recommended that you take a look at the different cultures prescented in the Campaign Guide when creating your human character for it provides a wealth of information including, feats, backgrounds and other useful items.  

Additional Information


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