Half Giant

Haft stood patiently like a mountain weathering a storm, he watched his opponent struggle to his feet awkwardly, the last blow he had struck had obviously broken his ankle, there was no honour in this. The man clutched his great sword and steadied himself but he could see the quiver in his legs. Haft strode forward and drove his massive broadsword into the ground and held out a hand to the man.   "Come, rest there is no honour in this fight brother, walk away and we will meet in battle again when you are healed." His voice was calm but echoed with the strength of mountains.   The man looked at him taken aback, then raised his sword to swing, Haft slammed his palms together catching the mans blade between his hands, twisting, he wrench the sword from his opponents hands, reversed it and slammed it into the ground next to his.   "I told you this was no fair fight, stand down!" His words were still calm, unwavering.   The man backed away and finally sunk to his knees, almost collapsing from exhaustion. Haft took some bandages from his pouch and cut a splint from a nearby tree, dropping them in the mans lap. He reached out wrenching his ancient sword from the ground and laid it across his shoulders.   "Till we meet again brother"   With that he strode off in to the midst of battle to find a more worthy foe.
  Striding amongst the human peoples of the world you will occasionally find small groups of Half-Giants, who live amongst them born of the mountains and large of frame these are not the brutish creatures one would think, though formidable warriors they follow a strict code of honour and fair play, wise and thoughtful they often serve as guardians or teachers to the human races they dwell amongst.  

Born of the Mountains

Towering over their human brethren Half Giants are broad of shoulder with the heavily muscled bodies, most of their kind have coarse body hair and rough and tanned skin, females of the species have much the same build though they have wider hips and narrower shoulders, though this is less prominent than in the human races.  
Their faces are like humans though broader and made up of hard planes, that put one in the mind that they were carved from stone. Hair ranges from blonde to a dark brown and their eyes colour is usually pale blue, though other colours are known.  

Oaths of the Blood

It is well known that Half Giants are honourable warriors, who seldom fight to the death indeed in most cases they would rather discuss grievances that fight over them. However they will protect life no mater the cost to themselves, for their oaths are not merely words spoke to a Half Giant an oath given is binding for them and they cannot break it even if they wished to.  
The reason behind this our lost to the events of the Ages of Gods, but some speculate that they were once created by Lul’nir and Ketos to keep the races of the Lands safe and to stand vigilant against the corruption that stains the dream. Indeed, it said that they can sense evil intent in people and are especially resistant to the corrupting effects of Dashiva and Morgesh.  

Wandering Champions

Half Giants can be found through out the lands, they usually occupy profession that deal with the protection of people or the teaching of the young, for example town guards, teachers, clerics and personal guards for families are all common rolls. Many however will take to the roads in search of a honorable causes to fight for and it is not suprising that many of thier kind become adventures and champions against the corruption of Dashiva and Morgesh.  

Half Giant Names

Half Giant names are simple and descriptive they're first name will be similar to the culture that they grew up withing, they will often adopt other names that represent their oaths and beliefs. Some examples would be Erik Lightsworn or Halt Stormguard. If they are granted titles due to bravery they will use them with pride and honour and they are usually adapted in to their names in some way.

Half Giant Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength is increased by two, your constitution and wisdom are increased by one.   Age: Half Giants live slightly longer than humans, commonly living to just over the century.   Alignment: Half giants must be of good alignment, and tend to be lawful.   Size: Half Giants stand between 7 tp 8 feet in height and weight between 300 and 600 pounds. Your size is Medium.   Movement: Half Giants can move fast than a human due to there size and powerful bodies, Your movement speed is 35 feet.   Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.   Oathbound: All Half Giants are bound to hold any oath they make and will never act with guile or deciet. This is not a culture choice, it is an inherent part of their nature, they are also unable to directly lie, they can either answer truthfully or not at all. They are also bound to protect those under their charge and will be the last to leave battle and the first to offer up defence.   Warrior Scholars: Half Giants are known for their wisdom. You may select One skill from the following History, Religion or Arcane.   Born Warriors: Most half giants train in combat from a young age, they prefer melee weapons. Select One Melee Weapon Of Choice.   Sense Corruption: Half Giants can sense corruption, although they cannot tell exactly where the evil is. They gain advantage of perception checks against creatures with evil intent who are within 60 feet of them.   Aura of Courage: The presence of a Half Giant has a calming effect on those around him, they are symbols of honor and bravery. Allies within 60 feet who can see the Half Giant gain advantage on charm, fear, horror and sanity checks.   Indomitable: Half Giants wills are unbreakable, you are Immune to charm and fear effects, additionally they cannot be put to sleep by magical means.   Languages: Common + One of Your Choice.


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