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Swiftwater Transporting Service

To the mainland and back again in under two months!

"Oh, yes? I took a ride with the Swiftwater folk once. Just gotta keep your wits straight if you're sailing from the Cauldron to Bravalon - That Roaringburn yanks the boat like a proper beast! Heard of a feller who lost their hat because o' that..." - A random, non-paid review from a Swiftwater client.
Swiftwater Transporting Service sails their fleets between Kir Vallen, Cardinal Port and Fanuhdet (some mentions are for the desperate looking for a cheap ride that they transport shipments to Rottendam too). The Swiftwater Corporation has largely cashed in on utilizing the Roaringburn Current, a faint green current on the Lavish Sea that is known for its strong currents. Through the extra push of the Roaringburn, Swiftwater has made its fortune in its head office at Kir Vallen and used this fortune in multiplying the size of its fleet.
This day, the saying "Swiftwater made the Empire" gets thrown around a lot. This is due to the Swiftwater Company existing for over a century, much longer than even the Dragani Empire. However, the company itself has taken no stances politically and is largely uninterested as long as the local politics do not stand in the way of their ventures.

Bloodline of Sailors, Merchants and Pencil-Pushers

The family behind the Swiftwater Company is family de Léon. Through a long line of tradition, entrepreneurship and a fair treatment of their employees the de Léons have secured their position at the heart of the Phorexian people. Many other families rely their fortunes upon the success of the Swiftwater Company and even without attempting to have a grasp at political power, any attempts to rise the taxes for shipping/exporting/importing have been faced with heavy criticism and the Swiftwater has remained to roam the waters freely.

Swiftwater will get you there yesterday!

Founding Date
Corporation, Transportation
Alternative Names
Related Ethnicities
Main Ports
Cardinal Port
Kir Vallen
For the right pay... Rottendam.

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