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Those who broke their own chains

  Phorexians are an ethnicity of humans, originating from the Cauldron of Creation area and from the ancient yuan-ti empire of Phorexia. With long-standing traditions and strong empires constructed on the bones of the empire of Phorexia, phorexians are people filled with pride and the origin of all freefolk all around Taurua. A conflict has risen during the Epoch of Troubles, as the newly enforced Dragani Empire is dividing the phorexian people into two categories: Those living in the rural ways of forming hunter- gatherer tribes and those who serve the Empress at Kir Vallen. This division has sowed seeds of chaos, as some of the tribalists have turned to the warring Ghermygg's Claws with the intention of bringing down Kir Vallen and putting an end to the cities slave-enterprises.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Helisa, Vicente, Ravntha, Evia, Costanza, Viria, Margherita, Caeparia, Emmelina, Suedia, Scribonia, Ofrecina, Acelina, Salvaza, Cincia, Sextia, Margalida, Helvetia, Antonia...

Masculine names

Gaspard, Brais, Izan, Alain, Sabastian, Odilon, Gilles, Rufin, Bastien, Rodrigo, Herius, Castañon, Cristoforo, Mathieu, Duane, Perucho, Aulus, Ramon, Patro, Drusus, Cnaeus...

Family names

Nargani, Gistain, Alameda, Verduga, Carmona, Eugenus, Assanius, Calocci, Thibault, Breguet, Madrigal, Klee, Urbica, Reburra, Solares, Freund, Fausta, Neugebauer, Quarto, Giraldino, Caillat...
Naming conventions may differ depending on the clash of different cultures, or sects of different believes.


Major language groups and dialects

Ancient Phorexian is an old and primitive version of the Common language that emphasises simplification of complex terms by combining already-existing words together to create new terms. As an example, the popular term "Iron Teeth" originates from Ancient Phorexian and refers to swords.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species
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