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Parched Highlands

The Boiling North of Phorex Isles

Named after the first effects it has on multiple people visiting there, the Parched Highlands are known as the Boiling North of Phorex Isles as the arid climate nears a desert in worst locations of the vista. Still serving its own type of flora and fauna, the Parched Highlands are often overlooked by the much more lively and seemingly important Monarch Jungles. Parts savannah, parts desert, parts highlands, this land mostly contains forgotten dreams and lies forsaken even by most trivals who seek the easier life of Bay of Gifts or of the jungles.


Dry lands, mostly infested with small, dying shrubbery and the dizzying song of crickets, the Parched Highlands offer close to no refuge for those seeking for shade or a place to rest. The arid environment reminds slightly more that of a savannah nearer the Hollow Giants and Bay of Gifts, but quickly after the line of life there lie fast fields of emptiness, mostly lived-in by different sorts of scavangers and insects.


Most animals that live in the Parched Highlands are specialized in burrowing, and spend much of their daytime underground, away from the punishing gaze of the sun. This has lead to many insects becoming predatorial ambushers, who prefer to surprise their pray by jumping from their hideouts with lightning speed. Occasional packs of hyenas and jackals can be seen even in the most deserted locations, as they remain on the hunt waiting for weakened mammals, elephants or even lions to get lost and to find their prey in an exhausted state.


There are rumors of the Yuan-Ti empire using these lands for something, and them being a major part of their empire. However, no expedition yet has discovered anything of significance leading to believe that the Yuan-Ti would've had an influence in this land. Whatever their plans were or the rare places mentioned in their ancient etchings, they are believed to have been minor locations in their vast empire.
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Boiling North
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18 Dec, 2021 00:43

Wow, it sure does sound like quite the harsh place. I know I wouldn't be a happy camper for sure. The hints at the Yuan-Ti history are intriguing and make me wanna push through the arid heat to learn more. Good job!

19 Dec, 2021 00:24

Thank you for the kind words! If you are interested in perhaps creating a mystery of your own from reading between the lines make sure to check out the rest of Phorex Isles in my (Temporarily) unnamed world!

Que the wardrums! Check out my bloodied river, running from the heart of the jungle:River Arteria!