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Wood Elves

Guardians of Nature

Wood elves have recently garnered much hate globally for their actions against humans. Individual guerilla squads have assaulted small farmsteads and sabotaged some supply shipments of major settlements in their attempts to push back greedy human kingdoms before they devour the whole world. Some see wood elves as valiant knights and rangers, protecting the purity of nature and its wonders, while others view them as monsters merely fighting for their own turf.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Wood elf naming traditions allow them to follow the wisdom of age and to recognise each other with simplicity. Wood elven names are constructed by a variety of prefixes and suffixes. With each passing century, a wood elf adds another suffix to its name. Example: 0-99 year old name: Luni 100-199 year old name: Luni-gna 200-299 year old name: Luni-gna-harra 300-399 year old name: Luni-gna-harra-vel etc.   Wood elves commonly determine their suffixes by giving them meaning. A simple word or sound that describes how the last century has changed them.

Family names

Wood elves share their lives in tribes, where the tribes name is shared to all those who belong to it. A wood elf family name often comes from their current home, naming a whole tribe after the area they inhabit.


Beauty Ideals

Wood elves find beauty in combining elements of their fashion and life with that of the surrounding nature. Wood elves who value fashion often have themselves decorated in tattoos that represent different animals, have assortments of bones tied to their hair or piercing their ears and wear simple, layered clothing that someone in their tribe has handmade specifically for them.

Gender Ideals

Wood elves do not carry gender specific roles for anyone else except Matrons among their numbers. Matrons have most experience and wisdom in raising children as wood elves focus heavily on teaching of their children in a way that the child understands their traditional ways. These matrons serve as part-time therapists and conversational partners for wood elven youth and help them to make the correct decisions in their first century.
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