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Also known as Fangwheat, Scratch is an exotic grain-variety found mostly around the Cauldron of Creation and even in those lands rarely cultivated by the locals. Surviving extremely hot atmospheres, Scratch is mostly difficult to harvest due to its thick and sharp-pointed shell and the unusual size of its kernel.

Basic Information


An average stalk of scratch grows between four and five feet with bulkier stalks than with many other grain types. The girthy stalk of the grain allows for kernels to grow, anywhere from eight to sixteen per stalk. These kernels grow in average to the size of a clenched fist and they protrude from the grains stalk in a fang-like manner and are protected by a thick layer of scales, like those of a pinecone.

Ecology and Habitats

Scratch grows most efficiently in dry areas, where rainfall is rare. The plant still needs soil in order to grow, so scratch is not grown in deserted areas but rather in savannahs and dried out grasslands.
Conservation Status
Few farmsteads on northern side of Kir Vallen still grow Scratch and carefully cultivate their lands and use ancient methods to confirm the survival of the curious grain.
Geographic Distribution

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