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Weaver Shock

Everyone's afraid of something...


Weaver Shock is the result of a Shonia talented in Dream Weaver magic abusing their power over dreams and sensations. Due to the infectious and potentially dangerous nature of the magic, those born with Dream Weaver are closely monitored, and must obtain certification and licenses in order to practice their magic. Typically, the magic of a Dream Weaver is used to provide sweet dreams or dream therapy to individuals suffering from trauma or depression.

Unfortunately, not all use their powers for the betterment of others. If pushed, or simply if they enjoy it, a Dream Weaver may send an enemy into a state known as Weaver Shock. Within the shock, victims are compliant to the Dream Weaver and will believe anything they say. When used maliciously, Dream Weavers may force their victims into a living nightmare; all of the victims worst fears will come to life before them, and with all five senses affected, they have no idea it isn't real.

Transmission & Vectors

Weaver Shock is transmitted solely through use of the Dream Weaver talent. Generally speaking, the magic produced smells sickly sweet and can be an indicator of an imminent attack. However, it can be hidden in food and drink or it can enter the body through a wound or injection.


Symptoms of Weaver Shock include:
  • Dazed Expression
  • Difficulty remaining awake
  • Sclera changing to the color of the Dream Weaver's magic
  • Weaver magic dripping from the nose and mouth
  • Uncontrollable and vivid hallucinations
  • Uncontrollable fear and panic
In extreme cases, Weaver Shock victims may lash out at those around them or themselves. The victim may see a hated foe approaching, weapon raised to strike when in reality it is a friend or loved one attempting to bring them back to reality. They may see spiders on their skin and claw at them to get them off, when really all they are doing is harming themselves.


Unless another Dream Weaver can be contacted to counteract the magic of the attacker, the only treatment for Weaver Shock is time. Victims are generally restrained to prevent them from harming themselves or others, and monitored closely.


The prognosis for Weaver Shock victims is generally good. After approximately 12 hours, the magic will leave their system if given a typical dose. Individuals who are dosed with higher concentrations are not as lucky. Depending on the severity of the hallucinations, they may die from stress induced heart attacks.


Individuals are recommended to avoid any unlicensed Dream Weavers. Those especially worried should avoid all Dream Weavers.

Cultural Reception

Almost everyone on the planet fears the potential of Weaver Shock. As a result, even Dream Weavers who lawfully practice dream therapy may be ostracized from society simply due to their magic.

Victims of Weaver Shock, however, are well taken care of by local populations.
Affected Species

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