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Essentia Starvation

We realized the grass was turning to stone under her feet...

Revenants, esseni and dragons who abandoned the God they made a deal with, are dangerous simply due to their existence. A Revenant still has access to the divine magic of Knighthood, known as Essentia. In truth, this magic is one of the main building blocks of mortal life. Revenants that continue to manifest their armor, form weapons, or heal utilizing this resource will find that they are draining from their own life force instead.   The Revenant then has two choices. Do they forsake their divine magic, and make it easier to evade pursuit by the Hunters? Or do they drain the lifeforce of all those around them, create Husks, and destroy everything in their path?   Revenants who chose the first option and attempt to live without consuming the lives of others, or draining anyone at all, often find themselves sliding into a condition known as Essentia Starvation, and colloquially known as "Revenant Madness".


Essentia Starvation is caused when a Revenant does not intake any essentia for an extended period of time. The condition is only considered rare because most Revenants never find themselves in such a position. Most would prefer to kill to avoid the mental deterioration associated with this condition.


Symptoms of Essentia Starvation are limited at first. A Revenant who has not "fed" in a few days may begin to feel sensations similar to hunger pangs. However, unlike hunger pangs from lack of nutrition, the sensation is in the chest rather than the stomach.   The longer that the Revenant does not "feed", the worse this hunger becomes. Revenants in custody have described the sensation as their whole being feeling empty. At this stage, Revenants begin to lash out in anger and agitation.   As essentia stores drop, all sentient thought slowly fades until the Revenant is a shadow of their former self, a being of need and hunger alone that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. Revenants who have succumbed fully to Essentia Starvation are Revenants at their most dangerous.  
... We had the Revenant under house arrest and in custody for over two months awaiting trial. She was one of the good ones, one of those who didn't kill to survive.   We didn't realize that not feeding could do that to a Revenant. She'd gone outside and we realized that the grass was turning to stone under her feet. Like how Husk victims turn to stone. We didn't even see her move, but the next second she was on Tans. He was a Husk before we could even draw our weapons...
— Excerpt from a Hunter's Journal


The only treatment for Essentia Starvation is for the Revenant to "feed" on essentia. Whether this be by a show of horrific force, or through an offering of trust, without Essentia, the Revenant will remain a manic killing machine.

Affected Groups

Revenants are the only individuals who can suffer from Essentia Starvation.

Cultural Reception

Essentia Starvation has poisoned the public's view of Revenants. Though the public always felt that they needed to be captured, it wasn't until the first Revenants in custody succumbed to Essentia Starvation that being a Revenant became a death sentence.


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