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Crimson Wyrm

A gift from Mother

"What. On Tarin. Is that thing?" the white haired God asked. His mismatched eyes were unsure, confused as he stared at the enormous creature standing beside his creator.   Though Fate's mask had no mouth, the crinkling of its eyes made it clear to the four Elder Gods that it was smiling. "It i͟s a͝ b́èing̀ n͠ot ͜o̡f Tar͟in͠!͞" It replied, its voice utterly cheerful. It laid a hand on one of the beast's legs. It had. So many legs.   Truth, standing beside the white-haired God, frowned deeply. "We can see that, Mother." She struggled to keep her voice even. "I think what he means is why is it here?"   The Celestial blinked, confused by its children's distrust. "I̴t ͏is̶ a͢ ͢gi͟ft̡!" it insisted. Its voice began to sound like a parent chiding a child who simply wouldn't accept no for an answer. "A̴ g̵if͢t f́r̛o̴m̶ my ͝H̛o͏me̢woŕld͠!̡"   Order, fingers carefully clasped, smiled weakly at their Creator. "It's.... It's very pretty, Mother, but... Why??" Her voice cracked. Deceit rolled her eyes, stepping forward and approaching the creature. The white-haired God snickered as Truth squawked in protest. "We don't know if it's safe!!"   Deceit shrugged. "Mom hasn't killed us yet." She reached up, touching one of its legs. With a soft sigh, the creature bent, laying down on the ground and resting its huge head near the Goddess. The stars in Fate's eyes twinkled more brightly as it gently plucked one of the golden fruits from the beast's legs. It offered it to Deceit. "T̀hesȩ Wy͏ŕms ̕o͞f͞fer͢ gif̵ts͡ ̡of̸ ͏h̢ealin҉g t̶o̧ t̸ho͠se who͢ ̨t҉r̷eat͠ t̛h́e̢m̧ ͘wel͟l̸.͏" it explained, beginning to speak faster from excitement. "N͝ow ̵t́ha̷t͠ yo̧u͏ h̕ave a lit̵tl͡e p̸iece ͞of Home h̴e̢r̢e͝,̶ ̨I͢ ̕decid̢ed, wh̀y ͘no̡t ̧g͏i̕vę ̛yo̵u a ̨g̸i̵ft͏?͏ So͡meth̴in͟g s͡afe!̡"   "Yes, because the mortals will definitely trust something that big." The white-haired God drawled, crossing his arms. Truth elbowed him, earning his glare as Fate smiled once more.   "I ͠kn͞o͞w ̴tha̛t͢ ҉y̡ou wi̕l̴l̢ ̷f́i̡gùŗe̸ ̛so̢m͏e͡t͡hin̨g ͏out͝, c̵hi̛l͏dren͞.͏" And with that, it was gone, leaving the four Elder Gods alone in the Red Forest with the gigantic creature.   "Why is it like this?" Order groaned.

Basic Information


Crimson Wyrms are incredibly tall and long creatures. Unsuspecting visitors to the Red Forest may not even realize they are standing under one; the 10 legs of a Crimson Wyrm appear to be the same trees that are endemic to the Red Forest. In many cases, their snake-like bodies move above and among the treetops.

Genetics and Reproduction

Completely unknown to the scientific community.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Scientist believe it survives off of a combination of absorbing essentia magic both from the air and through deals with esseni seeking its fruits, and through photosynthetic reactions.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The golden fruits that grow from its legs have extremely potent healing magic. The fruit's magic is powerful enough to heal any disease, and any wound (internal or external) provided that they are brought to the victim quickly enough.   Obtaining these fruits requires not only finding a Crimson Wyrm, but also performing a small ritual with it. Like all celestial magic, intention is necessary for control. If the Wyrm is offered essentia magic (the life force of all esseni), it will willingly part with its fruits. These fruits will remain golden, and will glow in the hands of the one who obtained it. Fruits taken by force, however, will turn blackened in the hands of the one who took it, and become deadly poison.

Facial characteristics

Like all Celestial Beasts and indeed all Celestials, the Crimson Wyrm is a masked species. Unlike most others, however, they do not have a marking on the front of their mask. Scientists are utterly baffled as to this difference, as they are about most things related to Celestial Beasts.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Crimson Wyrm is only found in the Red Forest. Legend has it that it is not related to the other Celestial Beasts that call the forest home. Rather, the Wyrm was a gift directly from the Celestial that created the world, Fate.

Average Intelligence

Crimson Wyrms are intelligent beasts. They understand most speech, and seem able to solve complex problems. They are fully able to understand when an esseni is wounded or in need of the fruit it bares, and will willingly provide it in these cases.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Celestial; Crimson Wyrms are direct transplants from the Celestial Homeworld to Tarin, a gift from Fate to bless the Red Forest with something not trying to eat those within it.
Thousands of Years.
Conservation Status
Crimson Wyrms are a highly protected species. Only four individuals are thought to exist, and it is unclear how or if they reproduce. Fortunately, given the dangers of the Red Forest, it is unlikely that any who wish to harm one will even reach them.
Average Height
Average Length
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
In stark contrast to most Celestial Beasts and true to its name, the Crimson Wyrm has a deep red coloration with the exception of its pale white belly and unsettlingly tree-like limbs. The red of its hide is flecked with iridescent speckles; each one an opal of its own.   Its limbs are incredibly tree-like, the hide feeling like birch-bark. Branches covered with leaves grow from each leg, golden fruits growing from the limbs. This has also baffled scientists, who aren't sure how to classify the species. Is it a plant or an animal?

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