The Mines of Der'kul

The Mines of Der'kul is a mine with the Iron Scales Coalition's control within the Dragon Tooth Mountain. This mine is one of the more developed mines with its own central hub and tiny militia to help prevent whatever creatures their miners uncover. Adventurers often visit to try to get better deals on the valuable gems their magicians may need.   Je'kal also has a great interest with this mine as it is one of their main suppliers of precious gems their craftsmen use to create jewlery as well as trade to other cities for supplies such as Tandari in exchange for access to their clockwork soldiers. Without this mine the flow trade and goods would greatly be crippled till a new source was able to be found.


The main population deep within the Mines of Der'kul are Dwarves and Kobolds as the Iron Scale Coalition own the rights and territory of the mine.


Miners go with a small group of guards but the main hubs are armed with pallisades with a well lit area that has guards with guns at the ready and two footman at each branch.

Industry & Trade

The mine is used to find valuable gems, the most common being diamonds which highly skilled magicians seek as spell casting components. Je'kal help funds their expansion in order to get exclusive deals for their massive trade empire.


The infrastructure is mostly mined caverns with more refined hubs of mining camps where miners return the gems they find, an area to rest and recuperate, and guards at the entrance to prevent any found creatures from escaping.


Standard mining equipment, dynamite, guns, and a small militia.


The mine is located in the Dragon Tooth Mountain and it pushes deep into the earth.

Natural Resources

There is plenty of stone being mined out as well as an abundance of valuable gems.
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