The Iron Scales

The Iron Scales is a coalition between the Dwarven clan of <Dwarven clan> and the local kobolds of the Jeweled Coast located in the <Mountain Range>. The leader of this collaboration is <Dwarven Clan leader> along with <Kobold> to be a representative of the Kobolds.   It is said the Iron Scales were forged due to a symbiotic relation ship the two share while mining deep into theĀ  <Mountain Range>. It is said that the Dwarves are the supervisors and refine the caverns the kobolds make. The kobolds are the head are usually in charge of the security and exploration due to natural tendencies and expertise in these areas. The Iron scales are the first attempt at a coalition between these two races especially when it comes to mining the precious gems and metals located deep underground.

Public Agenda

Get precious metals and gems
Alliance, Generic


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