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Eclatant is the largest airship ever built. It was designed by Samor architect Remi Beregar as a luxury ship for the most discerning of customers. Living accommodations take up two levels in the forward half of the ship. There are two royal suites, six executive suites, forty mini suites, twenty staterooms, and twenty-two standard rooms. On the upper level, there's a bar with a stage and a restaurant, and the lower level contains observations halls with card tables, a buffet room, ballroom, and the main lobby. Below the ship is a large observation deck and restaurant offering a panoramic view of the surroundings and a glass floor to look down. The decoration is predominately wood and leather with decorative brass accents. She contains state of the art technology, and many of the rooms are decorated to suit the likes of each client.   The ship is both available for private charter and for luxury tours to all the major cities in the world. It is especially popular among politicians and diplomats, and Eclatant is regularly used to host meetings and summits while docked. The elite of all societies find the ship to be a comfortable place to mingle in style and far removed from the lower classes. The ship is known for its exquisite dining and menus tailored to each port she visits as well as nationally appropriate music.   She's built like a zeppelin and is supported by massive bags of helium gas. The bridge is at the very front of the ship and removed from passenger areas, and maintenance walkways run along the metal ribs. Due to the helium bags, she requires significantly less coal than expected for a vehicle her size, and most of the coal is used to power passenger amenities.

Power Generation

Steam engine


Palace in the Sky
Cruising: 70mph
Complement / Crew
120 officers and crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity

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