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Gulderry Town Hall

The Gulderry Town Hall is the seat of governmental power in the tiny island village of Gulderry. This antique red-brick meeting hall is where the Gulderry Village Council gathers to discuss the matters of the day and make important decisions relating to the governance of the island.

Purpose / Function

The Mayor, Portreeve, High Priest of the Gulderry Temple, and a representative of the various local guilds hold court in the Town Hall. These meetings are fully open to the public, though, as the citizens of Gulderry are the hard-working sort, few of them ever make use of this opportunity to watch their government in action. The Town Hall also contains the offices of certain important government functionaries, such as the town registrar, demographer, tax collector, and others.


During violent storms and other natural disasters, the cellar of the Town Hall may be used by up to 50 people to shelter in place until the danger subsides. The upper level of the cellar is a somewhat comfortable meeting space that occasionally sees use as a parlor for use by the most influential members of the Gulderry citizenry, such as the famous Transmuter and his eldest animant children. The lower level is full of huge casks of water, mead, and various dried foodstuffs for use in emergency situations.


The Town Hall is a classical building comprised primarily of red brick walls and supports packed with a coral-based cement. The roof is similarly robust, with king post trusses comprised of huge timbers from the days of Gulderry's founding supporting a roof of thick baked clay shingles. The floors are polished dark oak, as are all the meticulously-carved furniture and decorative elements. Hanging linen banners in the rich red and green of the Kingdom of Rosethorne help keep the room warm and quiet on even the most blustery days. The overall impression that one gets from the town hall is that it is imposing, but nonetheless welcoming.


Between the coral cement at the core of the walls, embedded arcana focii designed to impart reinforcing magic on the structure, and the constant maintenance work of a dedicated cadre of clockwork automaton (courtesy of the Winder's Guild), the Gulderry Town Hall is built to survive just about anything.

Ministry / City hall
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