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Tales of Radiance

6/12/50 A.D

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In the beginning, they say there was nothing, but the truth was only the Gloom existed in this empty place. In its dark and twisted nature, the Gloom was the only thing that existed, and it enjoyed it that way. Only emptiness and an endless void that spans its reach and control. But then, for the first time since its existence, something changed as the first light appeared in the form of the Radiant Dawn. From the first dawn, the Gloom was sent away, and the beginning of the world and life on it began. What replaced the nothingness and the cold was the vibrant landscapes and warmth that followed. Soon enough, many living creatures would inhabit this world in the safety of the light's radiance. But from it, the light's most remarkable achievement would be that of the people that would come to live across it and enjoy the gifts bestowed to them from light.   It would not last as the Gloom was outraged that its total dominion was taken from it and began its plans to squash the light and reclaim its absolute power over all things. From its capabilities, it would bring about many nightmares and sorrows that the people of the world would endure, along with implanting its influence on the weak and corruptible to become agents of its will. The would have ended from this never-ending terror had it not been for the coming of the Radiants, beings chosen by the Radiant Dawn that would become beacons of light that would hold the worst of the Glooms forces at bay with great power bestowed upon them. Though the Gloom's power would still influence those with darkness in their hearts, all beings would forever be marked with negative emotions and dark thoughts. The light would endure, though it would always be under threat, and to ensure that it would remain, a band of heroes would emerge to create the Dawn Keepers, protectors of the light that would battle the forces of the Gloom and serve the Radiants.   These champions would fight hard and protect the world from all that would harm it. Through them, they united the world's nations to set aside their differences for the greater good. As centuries passed, so did the peace that was maintained with them. But like the sun itself, the time of the keepers would eventually set as they would give their lives to protect the land from one of the greatest dangers that they would ever see in the world. An event that would forever be known as the Dusk Fall would have ended the world if it were their intervention. In this final battle between them and the forces of the Gloom, they gave their lives to end the danger. None of its members survived, and the order disbanded, never to be reformed.   Firfty years have pasts since the event of the Dusk Fall and the end of the Dawn Keepers. Much has changed since then. The people of the world seemed to have lost their connections and had distanced themselves. New orders have begun to rise in the attempt to replace the keepers and bring peace to the land, along with new dangers that have come with this new age that has its troubles in everyday life. Worst of all, the Gloom and its underlings have returned and spread their influence across all they come across. It seems that the world has become a lot darker than it should. But no matter how long the night may be, the dawn will eventually come. With it, the possibility of new champions that will restore all that was lost as a new generation shall take its place to rebuild Dawn Keepers and combat the dangers that they must face to regain light and banish the Gloom once more.