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Sorrow’s Mark

Those who suffer from great pain will continue to drown themselves in their tears until only scars shall remain for all to bear witness. - Healer

Scars of Misery

  The world is full of many things that can bring about pain and suffering that cannot be easily forgotten by those who experience it first-hand. Yet some of them can leave and have a lasting mark on them so long should they be left to it. Such is the aliment known as Sorrow's Mark, for those who often feel that they cannot escape the emotional pain that they think shall leave their face scarred with every tear. While it is common for people to cry all the time, Sorrow's Mark often comes from a much deeper emotional wound that lingers with someone who seems unable to let go of it. Their face is stained and scarred as the tears from their pain are much more robust and harm the skin. Many people who suffer from this will often find help from the people around them as they know that something is wrong when they see the scarring on their face and do their best to help them. Most people tend to find the help they need because of them and can move on from their pain with time and be able to live normally once more.   However, this does not mean that everyone can be quickly helped in finding relief. Some refuse to seek help for some reason or the possible fear of judgment from those around them. Often trying to hide the scars through makeup and covering it up as if nothing is wrong. People such as these are often some of the most likely to reach the early stages of Gloomification much faster than others as the emotional damage that they feel is much stronger than regular emotional build up that happens over time. Some even try to avoid people altogether as they try to wallow in their misery, believing they do not need any help. But in reality, they are the ones who need the most help by having it received by those who care for them and want them to be happy and healthy so they can be with them once more.

Pain Revealed

You must understand pain is just as powerful as anger and joy, for it never truly leaves you no matter how long after it passes. - Sage
  Those who often suffer from Sorrow's Mark are burdened with several different types of emotions that they will often feel, not just sadness. Depression, anxiety, anger, and fear are some of the many emotions that they feel that cause their tears to scar them. The stronger the marks left behind on them, the more severe their emotional state is. Luckily for them, these scars are not permanently stuck to their face, as with proper help they will eventually fade from their faces. Showing that their scars can heal with the quelling of their pain showing that they are ready to move on.

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