Tales of justice North by North Korea

North by North Korea

Metaphysical / Paranormal event


  • Steven Reynolds' father is alive. And a time traveler.
  • North Korea is developing military strike units of metahumans, called Science Cells.
  • Mr. Sinister's Marauder robots and various "thralls" travel publicly in this impoverished dictatorship.

There is so much punching to do in such a limited time, and that's before the adventurers travel to an alternate Earth!

Making Friends . . . and Enemies


Greetings True Believers!


Heading North, our heroes soar through the sky making their way to the wilds of North Korea! Land of culture, mystery and a possible location of one of Mr. Sinister's dimensional portals!


But our heroes may find more than just a portal, and perhaps even a strong clue as to where Mr. Sinister has taken their teammate Feral. Even now strange events are taking place in North Korea, hidden from the eyes of the world. Events our heroes may have to confront if they are to free their friend!


It’ll be a deadly mystery for sure! Let's see how they’re doing …


This is Not Stan Lee saying … EXCELSIOR!




Guest Starring

  • Lady Jessica

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