Tales of justice Brussel Shuffle!

Brussel Shuffle!

Life, Crime

15/8 11:00

During the Brussels Summer Festival of 2009, Wyldfire has been tasked with their secret employer to intercept the last copy of a genetic therapy process invented by one Dr. Magnus Corado that can regenerate various damage to the eye! Someone stole it from Dr. Corado's worksite. Whoever committed the theft, it is now hidden inside an antique book ... being auctioned off at an estate sale of a two hundred year old personal library ... as perfect cover for an international black market deal.

Wyldfire Agent Amythyst will be present to handle all ground transportation issues, especially if a need for an emergency getaway develops. His arrival has been delayed by family obligations.
Dr. Steven Reynolds and Dr. Don Blake are present to make sure that any data located is the correct data, and complete.
Team lead Feral and her husband Blackjack are officially present to mastermind the theft of the data, ideally with a less dangerous substitute dataset (vetted by the two doctors) left in place instead of the original. However, the married couple seem to feel that this assignment also serves as a romantic weekend abroad.
Which is probably why Puma thinks he is looking at a planning meeting of Blackjack's latest heist crew. He sends drinks over to the quartet as they breakfast at a little cafe near the auction house. Then he approaches in person. His opening statement: Don't mess up my job!

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