Tales of justice Mutant Underground

Mutant Underground

Life, Crime


A new domestic terrorism organization calling themselves "The Knights of Genetic Purity" are after two kids from the Metropolis Undercity. They disguised themselves as members of a Chinatown gang, "Wind Dragons", and dragged the kids down a tunnel that opens up in Chinatown. They left a tunnel collapse behind to make people think the kids had died in an accident. Wyldfire to the rescue!

  • Introduction of the Metropolis Underground to PCs as more than a hint in the background
  • First appearance of Sister Julie from the Abbey of St. Catherine
  • The Knights of Genetic Purity have a "Hidden Leader" who appears via projected hologram. This may be Simon Arkangel of Infinity Inc, in which case the KGP are connected to the coming fate of the Eureka Settlement.
  • Missing children successfully rescued. No idea what the KGP intended for them.

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