Tales of justice Strange Days 1: March of the Marionettes!

Strange Days 1: March of the Marionettes!

Life, Identity


A pyromaniac terrorizes Metropolis. Captain America apparently dies. Eventually Metropolis Police Department Detective Matt Slater, Jack Monroe as Captain America, and Iron Man capture "Ashtray" Art Connelly who had previously appeared as the "Dark Lantern" in the Shattered Images caper, along with a gunshot Red Skull and the coma-laden Steve Rogers. Red Skull survives, albeit without his telepathic abilities, and will go to World Court to stand trial.

  • The Idiot King, acting as a middleman, hired "Ashtray" Art to burn the metro waterfront for combined person Plastique/Shimmer.
  • Plastique/Shimmer hired Artemis to assist and to aggravate Ashtray Art so that he would keep working until the property P/S wanted would be sold cheaply.
  • "Ashtray" Art, being an artistic themed Rogue, was trying to reproduce one of Vincent Van Gogh's self-portraits in the pattern of burns. He also scribbled love poems in napalm. Because, you know, Ashtray is wooing Fire.
  • Captain America has been "brainwashed" (not nearly as successfully as Idiot King and Shimmer think they jointly managed) and his death was faked, all so that P/S could frame their no-longer-wanted business partner the Red Skull.

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