Tales of Arbitrium Twists of Fate

Maritu 35th, 973 AE

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The birth of Kierra set forward a chain of events that would affect the very fabric of the universe. With her life as the Mother of All Gods to her tragic death that created all the planes we now know, she was the beginning to it all. Even after she had long since gone her energy flows throughout the worlds as the River of Life condenses all the energy that everyone shares together.     Her children, the Elder Gods, took over and maintained the many planes the best they could, founding the many religions that are still followed to this day, but it was not without trials of their own. Izinami split into Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, becoming separate people with their own goals, shaking up the pantheon that had already been established. Susanawoo had to be imprisoned for the terrible evil he brought to the world, and Dogra was banished for creating too many monsters that would hurt the civilizations that were meant to thrive. These of course are only a few of the problems that came into fruition, as much worse fates were to come.   Later on in life, the biggest moment in history: The Event The Event was when the River of Life erupted from one of the Planes of existence, creating 7 New Gods to the rest of the planet; The New Gods. Most of all, the release of the River of Life enabled for the magic to be freely used by all. This made a new breed of magic that expanded across the all worlds and made it more prevalent, which also damaged many faiths as people left many of the gods as power was no longer reliant on following a god. This is the peak of the infighting, as now, without the numerous followers they had before, an all-out conflict has erupted among these gods and the conflicts have gotten even more intense.   This is the beginning of a Twist of Fate.


Arbitrium: Twist of Fate

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Two teams discover their place as they battle against increasingly difficult odds