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Temple Meet-up

Pale Maiden: I don’t get these new gods. They’re all so… odd. Like that raven-haired girl over there. How many are there? Three? Five?   Shattered: My name is Karen. What’s yours?   Pale Maiden: Ah! Where did you come from?! Um… you can call me— and she’s gone again. She’s kind of cute, but creepy.   Unchallenged: You’re one to speak, moon child. You’ve been here what, a month? And what happened to your other… you?   Pale Maiden: For as long as mortals have looked up to the earth’s guardian in the night sky, I have existed. And my other half is hanging out at a bar down there somewhere, probably keeping better company than this bunch. We are hardly new gods.   Transition: ...   Spider Queen: *grumble*   Pale Maiden: In the other world there is this new god whose domain is a single street. He calls himself Wallace. His followers trade paper like it was coin, paper with mystic symbols that represent things, but are not things. They pray to him that their paper symbols will remain valuable long enough to turn into gold, but Wall is cruel.   ???: —like your hair.   Pale Maiden: Who said that!   Shattered: I said I like your hair.   Pale Maiden: OH, oh. Thank you— where did she go?! Um, as I was saying, this Wall street god steals from one follower to give to another. Despite this, his flock grows by the day.   Silver Tongued Deceiver: Sounds like my kind of deity.   Unchallenged: It does, doesn’t it worm. Leave us and plague the other world.   Silver Tongued Deceiver: I think I shall. Make sure to lock up when you leave, will you? Last time someone left the door open and my home is now full of spiders.   Spider Queen: *grumble*   Unchallenged: Who invited her anyway.   Pale Maiden: She and I used to hang out when we were kids; kind of a family friend. Then she went all goth and we grew apart. Did you know she’s into sewing?!   Spider Queen: Weaving the souls of my enemies into the web of eternal suffering!   Pale Maiden: I knew it was something like that. She’s not so bad as long as she doesn't bring my sister along—   Mistress of Midnight: Sister, how nice to see you.

This story was originally written, and takes place, immediately following the unintentional release of Silver Tongued Deceiver by Alvitr Ikara (later known as the lost princess of House Ikara). He had been imprisoned in one of his own temples below Ashteril by the Premiere soon after the Collapse.


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