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Tales from the Other Worlds

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Editorial Team

The Event. It sundered my world and joined it to another; one of fantastic flying ships and miraculous music boxes sending voices across the sea. "Like a mismatched holiday egg" I once heard an otherworlder call the Event. That makes it sound merry, but in truth, thousands lost their lives, and tenfold their families along the Divide, the scar where our two worlds become one.   Seventeen years have passed and most consider this new life routine, but there are exceptions. The elves, my people, wait for the day when normalcy returns, considering anything less than a century tenuous. The few dwarves that survived, hold up in fortresses and wallow in grief, researching ways to reverse the Event or venture to the halves of our worlds lost almost two decades ago if they even still exist.   The rest of us, we’ve moved on. New alliances formed and cities rebuilt. But old threats re-emerged to take advantage of this chaos. It is a time for heroes from both worlds to write the next chapter of our tale.   -Folian Quinn, bard of Catheal