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The Thief: Khajuro

Khajuro was the most gifted user of magic in his day, and, perhaps, of all time. He is widely credited as the founder of The Exiled Tradition, though he is not held to have tutored any apprentices directly.   Khajuro was born with the unique ability to perceive shifts in energy that accompany death and through this, came to understand much about the interconnection of life, time, death, and the universe. But these insights, however profound, contributed little to magic theory due to his enduring reputation within certain circles as the single greatest threat to existence the world has ever produced - though the exact reason why tends not to be shared. Why Exiled magic was banned is better understood, by illustration of The Plague Years (1212-1112).   The Hex – essentially a cult dedicated to Khajuro's return – maintains a collection of his works and actively tracks down rumours of others (often with lethal efficacy). They study his extant manuscripts incessantly but the language in which Khajuro wrote is bafflingly complex, scripted using mathematical symbols rather than the more standard Law of Names, and often scrawled upside-down, backwards, or in more devious puzzles. Even in the 2000 years since his disappearance, little real headway has been made in deciphering them. The Hex are also keepers of the Master's sacred biography, which, while it holds an esoteric dimension (key stories are read on multiple levels), also inevitably lists more facts about his life than are known by those outside the cult.   Partly due to The Hex's efforts to conceal or misdirect others regarding the Master, and partly due to the vast ages that have passed since he walked the earth, detailed information on Khajuro is limited in the world at large. Most novice practitioners of magic or students of magic theory are at least generally familiar with the name, and associate it with a terrible loss of life somewhere in Sekh Anoob, although there is disagreement over whether the whole thing isn't simply a kind of ghost story. The details are so embellished that it certainly sounds more like the stuff of legend than anything possibly true, and since Necromancy is an outlawed Domain, there is cause to think it was drummed up either as a cautionary tale by those who seek to keep that form of magic from the mainstream, or as propaganda by those that practice it.   The Council of Landezon does not encourage discussion of Khajuro, though it has also learned better than to suppress it, as this breeds excessive fascination. In polite circles within arcane communities it is understood the matter is best left undiscussed in its particulars. The only important thing to know is that he's dangerous.   The Master’s epithet, “The Thief”, derives from his native home of Sekh Anoob, where even common residents, especially those living near Enk'Ishr, are familiar with Khajuro, though as a kind of bogeyman rather than a wizard from antiquity. Children are warned that The Thief will snatch them up while they sleep if they should misbehave. The Council’s use of the moniker refers to Khajuro’s theft of life at Enk’ Ishr, and the common Exiled spell which robs vital essence.   Anoobi historians refused to write about the First Empire during which Khajuro lived, out of the belief that it would help to hasten his return, or at least draw unwanted attention from the spirit realm. The modern-day Nazhbehtaq Dynasty, especially in its merger with Elven society under the Dune Pact, has kicked off a renewed interest in the period, in hopes of dispelling old and unfounded fears and superstitions, leading some on the Council to question whether they may be in league with the Hex, or even a new organization loyal to Khajuro. Unfortunately, Gnosit, being on the other side of the world from Sabellis, is inconveniently far away to properly get to the heart of things. The Flown Sparrows are just now being assigned to missions in this distant zone.


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